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- Mercia
"I have been a very proud and outspoken Mum about Smiley Kids Charlo, for the last 6 years! I am elated with my two son’s personal, mental en emotional growth and skills. The school’s curriculum is of the utmost standard and I can clearly see my boys have been exposed to this on a daily basis – resulting in my grade 1 boy who graduated from Smiley Kids Charlo last year, being first in his class with his mathematical and reading skills being commended on. Thank you Smiley Kids Charlo!"
- Exquisite Photography
Elske het my alles vertel van daai nuwe puppets. Was beste deel van haar dag. Julle is n fantastiese skool. Beste personeel en natuurlik eienaar met n groot liefde vir ons kinders. Kan met n geruste dag elke dag my poppie by julle los.
- Velapi
“Thank you for the excellent service”
- Kirsty
"Looks like the kids are having the best time at their fun day! The staff is doing an amazing job! So proud to be a Smiley Kids mom!"
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